• Salad of quinoa, greens, veggies and Asian tofu, served in a bowl with dressing dip
  • Salad bar, compartments with different salad items
  • Interior, seating space, dining booths

Seed Eatery

Bowl Your Way

About us

Welcome to Seedbol
formerly known as SEED eatery.

Our journey began with a genuine love for healthy, yet tasty food. Our lifestyle is shaped by the belief that natural and fresh bowls of balanced food boost your spirits. We created Seedbol for people who appreciate wholesome and healthy meals with colorful vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats, and lean proteins. Everything on our menu is farm fresh and made from scratch using only high-quality ingredients.

At Seedbol, our mission is to spread healthy behavior and wellness, so you all can have a healthier life to accomplish your goals. By serving healthy, natural, and clean food, we are creating a community that will come to a new understanding of health and prosperity. All of our food and packaging materials are compostable, and our store is created and operated with sustainability in mind.

In line with our commitment to health, our kitchen is free from gluten, sugar, eggs, and dairy. We offer a range of vegetarian and vegan options, ensuring that all of our guests can find something delicious and satisfying to enjoy. We partner with local farms to source the best quality ingredients, ensuring that our dishes are packed with flavor and nutritional value. Our goods are made with non-GMO ingredients and without coloring or preservatives.

Whether you have specific dietary restrictions or simply appreciate great food, Seedbol has something for everyone. We believe that excellent food should be enjoyed by all, regardless of your eating lifestyle choices.

Come and experience the fresh and wholesome flavors of Seedbol today. We are excited to share our passion for healthy and delicious food with you, and we can't wait to serve you under our new name.